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What is Highlander Fescue?

Highlander II Tall Fescue is a blend of 3 turf-type fescue varieties mixed with 10% or less of a carefully selected bluegrass to give a beautiful, dense turf. Turf-type fescues have increased in popularity over the years because of their deep root system of 3 to 6 feet that greatly reduces the frequency of watering and fertilizing.


Older varieties, such as the K-31, were wide-bladed bunchgrasses. The new varieties of fescue also have a more appealing color than those older varieties. They have good resistance to disease and insects and perform well in shade or full sun. Our sod fields are seeded with varieties that have slower vertical growth which decreases the frequency of mowing. Great for a lower cost option compared to an RTF lawn.






The Four Variations of HIGHLANDER II FESCUE


Highlander is a blend of three turf-type fescue varieties that rate high in turf quality with good shade tolerance. Highlander will perform well in low to medium traffic areas where the wear tolerance is not a big concern. Highlander stays green from early in the spring until late in the fall and has a deep root system, which enables it to go long intervals between irrigation and take better advantage of natural rainfalls. It is excellent in sun or shade with good disease resistance.  Highlander Plus has the same varieties as the Highlander Fescue, with the addition of 10% Ryegrass.  Highlander II has the same varieties as Highlander Fescue with the addition of 10% Bluegrass. Highlander II Plus has the same varieties as Highlander Fescue, with the addition of Bluegrass and Ryegrass varieties.


Seed Mixes Only

100% Tall Fescue

90% Tall Fescue/10% Bluegrass Mix

90% Tall Fescue/10% Perennial Rye Mix

88% Tall Fescue/7% Bluegrass/5% Perennial Rye Mix


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